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What's Vivid Prime?
What's Vivid Prime?
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Vivid offers two different plans for their customers to choose from: Vivid Standard and Vivid Prime. The Prime plan is our premium membership, which costs as little as €9.90 per month and brings all these benefits:

  • Up to 15 Money Pocket accounts with separate SEPA-eligible IBAN for free.

  • 105 different currencies to choose from.

  • Up to €100 cashback limit per month on card purchases based on the cashback categories of your choice and Vivid Shopper offers. Read more about how you can get cashback here. Read more about how you can get cashback here.

  • Free worldwide cash withdrawals of up to €1,000 per month (when withdrawing at least €50).

  • Up to €1,000 per month in instant top-ups.

  • Lower fees for your investments in fractions of precious metals.

  • Commission-free fractional investing with no limits.

  • Unlimited free trades in 50 fractional coins.

Do you want to experience what Vivid Prime has to offer?

Having all the perks mentioned above is just a few taps away! Right after setting your account passcode, tap “Start using Prime” and then tap “Confirm”. That’s it!

If you want to change to the Standard plan after the free trial, remember to opt-out from the Prime plan in the app.

Can I switch plans or cancel the Prime plan?

Sure you can! If you are a Standard customer, you can go Prime by accessing the “Plan” section in the app. You will see your current plan and you will have the option to change your plan by tapping “Join Vivid Prime”.

Do you want to cancel? We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can also cancel your Prime plan anytime you want. Just go to the Plan section in your profile and tap “Downgrade”. Your access to the Prime plan will end as per the date stated and you won’t be charged going forward. The Standard plan is free and you can come back to Prime anytime.

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