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How can I get cashback?
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You can get cashback making card purchases* in the cashback categories of your choice by:

  1. Selecting the cashback categories for the upcoming month.

  2. Unlocking the cashback benefit by:

    - Holding at least €1000 in your Interest Rate Pocket on the last day before the upcoming month at 23:59 CET.


    - Holding at least €100 worth in any of our investment products, ((fractional) shares / ETFs / crypto) on the last day before the upcoming month at 23:59 CET.
    This threshold can be reached with one investment product or by combining them together.


    - Having a banking account balance of at least €1000 on the last day before the upcoming month 23:59 CET.
    You can achieve this threshold by combining the funds in your Money Pockets (including shared pockets where you're the owner), Business Pockets and Interest Rate Pocket.

Additionally, you can receive cashback by making purchases through the Vivid Shopper.
Shop from the Vivid app and benefit from regularly added cashback offers. Vivid Shopper gives you access to brands with up to 50% cashback without any account balance or assets required.

Find more information about cashback limits and percentages according to your plan here.

Last but not least, you can also get additional cashback from your card purchases by participating in this programme:

Be advised that this programme can’t be combined and we’ll apply the programme with the highest possible cashback to your purchase so you’ll get the most of it.

How is cashback paid out and where can I find it?

Cashback payouts may differ depending on the offer**. While in some cases it will be credited immediately after the purchase, in others it will depend on the offer’s prerequisites. You can find the requirements and conditions directly on the offer screen.

The cashback you receive from your card purchases is collected in your Stock Rewards Pocket or added to your Crypto Rewards (depending on your country of residence).

* Cashback applies only to qualifying in-store or online card purchases. Direct debits, ATM withdrawals and card purchases made with other payment services like Curve aren’t eligible for cashback.

** Please note that VAT and delivery, gift wrapping and card fees aren’t included in the cashback percentage of your purchases made in the Shopper. Thus, the amount of cashback you’ll receive might differ.

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