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What’s the difference between SEPA and SWIFT transfers?
What’s the difference between SEPA and SWIFT transfers?
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SWIFT and SEPA transfers are widely recognised as the two primary methods for international money transfer, facilitating bank transfers across various countries.

How do they differ?

The main difference between these two systems is their geographical scope: SEPA is a standard for free or low-cost bank transfers in Euro between 34 European countries, while SWIFT is a global standard for most major currencies that allows for quick and safe communication between banks around the globe.

SEPA transfers usually take one business day to appear in the account (excluding public holidays and weekends) and incoming SWIFT transfers can take up to 5 business days to reach your account. Read more on transfers and time frames here.

Kindly note that currently, we don’t support outgoing SWIFT transfers from your Vivid account.

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