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Invite a Friend Programme
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Bring your friends and family to Vivid and get 30-day access to:

  • Double the amount of cashback in the cashback categories of your choice.

    The maximum amount of cashback per single card transaction depends on your plan: Standard customers can get up to €5 and Prime customers can get up to €10.

How can I get the reward?

Get the referral reward by:

  1. Opening your “invite a friend” screen by going to “Rewards” and then clicking the banner.

  2. Sharing your invite link through any social media channel, messenger, or by email.

  3. Waiting until your friends have a banking account balance of at least €1000 or hold at least €100 worth in any of our investment products and make the qualifying purchases (within the 90 days after their account was created). Full details here.

What do my invited friends get?

When your invitees create their account through your referral link and meet the conditions below, they’ll get double the amount of cashback for a total of 30 days:

  • Double the amount of cashback in the cashback categories of their choice.

The Terms and Conditions for the Invite a Friend programme can be found here for personal accounts. For your Business Pocket, check here.

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