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What’s the subscription control in the Payments section of the app?
What’s the subscription control in the Payments section of the app?
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Subscription control is a feature that helps you control your finances by keeping track of your active subscriptions (regular card payments to online providers such as YouTube, Netflix, etc).

You can find this feature by accessing the Payments section of the app. By tapping Payments (top right corner) you’ll find the “Planned payments” category where you’ll see the full list of regular and scheduled payments, including those that you’ve previously blocked.

How does the block button in the subscription details section work?

If you have an unwanted subscription you can block it using the Vivid app. When you block a subscription it means that all the upcoming charges that match this subscription will be declined.

Please keep in mind that when you block a subscription, Vivid blocks certain card transactions for certain service providers. It doesn’t cancel a subscription with a service provider and doesn’t block any additional fees they might charge you.

If you change your mind, you can unblock the subscription by tapping on it and then “Unblock”. Kindly note that you’ll need to provide your card details again to the merchant so they can take the recurrent payment from your Vivid account.

Be advised that the subscription control doesn’t cancel or block direct debits that you had previously set up in your Vivid account. Find more information on how to manage your direct debits/SEPA mandates here.

Why were some subscriptions not detected with the first transaction?

There are providers that not only give online subscriptions but sell something as well (i.e. Apple). For such subscriptions, we "wait" for the next payment to be sure that payment from this provider is really an online subscription.

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