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Can I schedule a SEPA transfer for a date in the future?
Can I schedule a SEPA transfer for a date in the future?
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Yes, you can schedule SEPA bank transfers from your Vivid account that will be initiated on your behalf on a specific future date of your choice.

Similarly to standing orders, scheduled payments allow you to send money to Vivid customers by phone number and to non-Vivid customers using their IBAN, however, with scheduled payments you can send a one-off payment. When making a bank transfer, tap on the clock icon under the “Purpose” field, choose the execution date and save it. We’ll take care of the rest.

How long does it take for the scheduled payments to be completed?

Scheduled payments are SEPA transfers, and as such, they’ll reach the recipient on the next business day. If the recipient has a Vivid account, they’ll get the funds right away!

Do you need to delete a scheduled payment?

You can delete this type payment up to 1 business day before its execution. Just access the “Payments” tab and tap on “Scheduled payments”. Then choose the one you don’t need any longer and tap “Delete”.

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