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How can I add my Vivid account to third party banking apps?
How can I add my Vivid account to third party banking apps?
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You can easily manage the access of third party apps to your Vivid account by following these steps:

1. Start by registering in my.Solaris

You’ll need to provide your email address and phone number (including the country code) associated with your Vivid account.

2. Keep an eye on your inbox.
Solaris SE will send you an email with a temporary password.

3. Follow the instructions in the email.
You’ll need to log in to your my.Solaris profile and set your own password.

4. Link your Vivid account to my.Solaris
Copy the pocket’s IBAN from your Vivid app and add your registered phone number and tap “Continue”.

5. Check your phone.
You’ll receive an SMS with a 6-digit TAN code. Add the TAN code and tap “Continue”.

6. Check the Vivid app.
Solaris SE will make a €0.00 transfer to your account.

7. Verify your bank account.
You’ll have a 6-digit verification code in the transfer that Solaris SE made to your account. Check the “Comment” section, add the code and tap “Continue” to finalise the process.

That’s it! Your Vivid account will be ready to be used across different third party apps for payment services.

Remember that Vivid allows you to have up to 15 different pockets and each one of them has its own IBAN. If you’d like to add another IBAN to my.Solaris profile, just log in and tap the “Link a new bank account to my.Solaris” button and repeat the process mentioned above with the IBAN of the pocket you’d like to link.

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