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What can I do if I receive a suspicious SMS or email with a link?
What can I do if I receive a suspicious SMS or email with a link?
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If you’ve received an SMS or email from us containing a suspicious link, we strongly advise you not to open it. This is a scam. This link hasn’t been sent by us, even if you received it in the same thread as previous SMS messages or email that we’ve sent you.

This type of scam comes in different variations, here’s an example:

What is this scam about?

  1. You receive an SMS or email asking you to open an unofficial link that apparently comes from Vivid or our partner Solaris SE. Even if you see 'Vivid Money' or 'Solaris' in the URL, it’s not from us!

  2. The webpage from this link will imitate our website or our app. It’ll then request that you share your login data, such as your password, PIN codes or codes arrived via SMS or email. We’ll never ask you to share such personal information, please never provide any of this data to anybody, even to a Vivid employee.

  3. You might also be asked to provide information on your cards. Your full card details and CVV are only for online card payments on merchant websites and apps – we’ll never ask for these details either.

  4. After providing your information, someone pretending to work for Vivid might call you to ask you to complete some suspicious operations, provide additional account data or authorize transactions via your app. We’ll never reach out to you via phone, and you should never confirm a payment on your Vivid App if you didn’t do it yourself.

How can I recognise official communication from Vivid?

If we want to reach you, we’ll always contact you via the support chat of our Vivid app or via email. All our email addresses will include our official domain We’ll never contact you via phone or request additional information via SMS.

On our website, you can find all the links of our official Social Media channels. We’ll never contact you via other pages or any other third party.

What can I do if I clicked on the link?

  1. Change your account password immediately. Simply follow these steps: Go to the 'Pockets' tab of your Vivid App > Select your name on top of the page > Select 'App Settings' > Select 'Change account password'.
    During the login, you can also select 'Can’t login?' and then 'Forgot password?'.

  2. If you shared any personal data via a fraudulent webpage, go to your Vivid app, block any card of which you shared numbers and contact us. Our support team will assist you to ensure that your account is protected.
    If you don’t have access to the app, use our support form and select 'Unable to access account' as subject.

Read more about how to protect yourself from fraud in this article or check this blog post.

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