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What’s the Monthly Maintenance Fee for Vivid Money cards?
What’s the Monthly Maintenance Fee for Vivid Money cards?
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The monthly maintenance fee for Vivid Money cards is a €0.99 commission applicable to Standard customers for the maintenance of each one of their additional physical and/or virtual cards.

Whereas the first physical or the first virtual card doesn’t incur this fee, any additional card issued to the standard customer will incur a fee of €0.99 every month. The fee for each additional card will be charged every month, starting from the date the current plan was initiated, as indicated in the "Plan" section of your profile.

Would you like to avoid incurring this fee? If so, you can refer to this article for instructions on how to close or delete any of your cards.

If you have a Business Pocket, you're entitled to one personal card (either virtual or physical) and one Business card without having to pay a monthly maintenance fee for them. Any additional card will be subject to a €0.99 fee. This is a promotion addressed to current Business Pocket holders. The offer is only valid until a future change of the list of prices and services specifically for Vivid Money.

Kindly note that starting from May 2023, Standard customers will be subject to this monthly maintenance fee for Vivid Money cards, as outlined in our updated Terms and Conditions. For more information regarding this update, check this article.

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