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What’s a garnishment and what can I do if my account has been garnished?
What’s a garnishment and what can I do if my account has been garnished?
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A bank account garnishment, also known as account seizure, takes place when a creditor (third party or authority) gains authorisation to collect a debt from your account. As per this situation, we must adhere to the court order and notify you accordingly through the app.

If your account has been garnished, you’ll notice an in-app banner that displays additional details concerning the garnishment.

Please be aware that the garnishment process might be intricate or ambiguous. Therefore, If you’ve questions about the garnishment, we strongly recommend that you reach out to the creditor or the competent enforcement court for further clarification.

What can I do?

If your account has been garnished, you can do the following:

  • Set up a P-Konto (Pfändungsschutzkonto).
    The garnishment protection account functions as a regular current account managed under a specific agreement that enables customers facing garnishment measures to easily access the portion of their income that is protected from garnishment without unnecessary bureaucracy. If you’d like to apply for this account type, please fill in this form and open a chat.

    Additionally, please note that the form must be sent to us within 4 weeks of receiving the seizure.

    The basic garnishment-free allowance is €1,410 and may increase under specific conditions. If you’ve already set up a P-Konto with us and you’d like to raise your monthly allowance, please fill out the P-Konto-Bescheinigung and send it back to us via chat.

    Kindly note that, according to German regulations, you can only have one P-Konto across all banks.

  • Proceed with the garnishment payout.
    You can settle the amount directly with the creditor or fill in this form and we’ll handle the payout on your behalf from your Vivid account. Be advised that in order to proceed with the payout from your Vivid account, you must have sufficient funds to cover the amount due.

    Kindly note that your account will continue to be garnished until the entire claim has been settled. Once the payout is complete, we’ll provide you with updates regarding the status of your account.

To proceed with the submission of the documents mentioned above, please follow this path when opening a chat with us: Account > Personal account > P-Konto and seizures.

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